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District Heating

The heat produced as a by-product of generating power at the Community Energy Centre will be harnessed to provide a district heating system for Norwich.

District heating schemes provide homes and businesses with a secure supply of heat and hot water through a network of well-insulated underground pipes.

E.ON, one of the UK’s leading energy suppliers, will provide this district heating system.

E.ON has decades of experience building and managing large-scale district heating schemes in the UK and across Europe, with customers seeing the benefits of such schemes including a greater security of supply, lower carbon emissions and consistency in heating bills.

Norwich poised to
become a 'model city'
for sustainability

Jeremy Bungey
Head of Community Energy, E.ON


Jeremy Bungey

"This project sets out a bold statement of intent to generate energy for Norwich in Norwich, developing a lower carbon heating and power source and at the same time revitalising a former energy generation site. Energy projects such as this, where cities and communities take greater control over how their energy is generated and how it is consumed, are commonplace in places such as Sweden, frequently listed as one of the world’s greenest countries, and could be a model for making British cities equally sustainable by meeting the triple challenge of keeping energy secure, affordable and lower carbon."


If you would like to receive more information from E.ON on all of the advantages of district heating for your home or business please click here.