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The Norwich City Corporation asked the Norwich Electricity Company Ltd. to build a power station at the Utilities site in the 1920s to ensure the city had enough power. It was coal-fired and constructed with a steel frame clad in concrete blocks. Coal arrived by boat and rail. Railway sidings ran around and into the building for deliveries and ash disposal. These are still in place.

This power station was demolished around 1981. In the meantime, a gas production facility had been constructed on the site. This was built in the 1960s with a variety of buildings, gas tanks and associated pipework. A gas turbine power station was built in the 1960s and decommissioned and demolished in the 1990s.

The site is now largely vacant although UK Power Networks have a substation there. Two large pylons, a number of electricity transformers and a selection of buildings remain and National Grid Gas has a gas distribution facility to the north of the site.



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Simon Gray
Chief Executive
East of England Energy Group


"This is an important project for Norwich and the East of England. Our part of the country is already a major player in energy at both national and international levels, and to have such an inspirational and world-leading initiative here will make our role even more influential. We have to continue to strive to use all sources of energy more efficiently and in ways which are less harmful to the environment. This project’s focus on the local community, in the way it generates and uses energy, and on the linkages between that use and the environment and the way we live and work, can be a trailblazer for other regions and cities.

"The East of England Energy Group welcomes the prospect of this powerful addition to the mix of energy activities we support. We look forward to encouraging research and development, the intelligent use of the existing rail infrastructure to service the facility and the targeting of appropriate business activity on the Park, and intend to do what we can to help the city and Norfolk realise the opportunities for learning the skills for, and creating the jobs of, the future – for the benefit of our citizens and our environment."